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We The Parents!

We the parents believe that the new Seminole County School Longwood Rezone is in violation of the Seminole County Policy 5.31 3,D(2-4, 7 & 8). 

We are demanding as constituents that the Seminole County School Board represent us and tell Joe Rinaldi that all four plans need to be scrapped and that he start fresh with the school zones drawn so that they not only fit within the school metrics for being within Policy 5.31 but also has an appearance that they conform to Policy 5.31 as well.

This decision is being driven solely by the Seminole County School Board. Do not let them fool you. If three board members say to Joe Rinaldi from the facilities department to start over with a directive to get this right including the appearance that it is within Policy 5.31 then that is what happens. Superintendent Walt Griffin would not have say in it.

We all have been hearing a lot of different things about these School Rezone plans but one thing no one is hearing is that any of these are good plans. Most everyone says that they are very bad plans. The best plan of four very bad plans is still a very bad plan. This is a failure and we expect better.

Abby Sanchez ran on being the parent’s board member....... Abbey this is the time to stand on your principals and say that you are representative of the constituents of district 3 and that you are for a School Rezone that is a better representation of the Seminole County School Board Policy 5.31.

There are three Seats up for grabs in 2018. By the time the first school year ends with our wildly draw zones we will be ready to start thinking about who will be representing Districts 1, 2 & 5. 

If the board members for these three districts do not want to represent their constituents now then it should be time to refill those seats in 2018 so that we regain a representative body. 

Even if any one of the board members have to stand up for the parents in minority or alone at least we know they are with us.  

Stand up Please!