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What we can do

If it was us we would probably just go silently into the night but no. It is our children's future on the line.

This site is ours to communicate and work together.

The boards seats are petty county school board seats. Without the support of the parents I guess they can just vote for each other? We can simply take  em.

Let me show you how.

I met someone tonight that is uniquely qualified to run for a seat on the board who can out one of the three seats next election.

We need two more. Are you qualified for that or can you help get them elected?

That is were we start.

When we get them on the run they will see things differently. There is not a lot of time to put things into place but we will bloom this weekend.

I helped a friend of mine get his brother elected as a Houston City Councilman. He was a nobody and he won. We borrowed some surplus office space and set up a phone bank. I have better resources now then then and I am excited to be able to use them. We just need a good cause and we have a big one.

Please send me your info and I will get back to you quickly.

 Click  link above, If on phone click the 3 bars in top left for more info.